Some no-weld gasifier progress

Time and commodity are beginning to come together, allowing us to get further with the "No-Weld Gasifier" project.

The stationary engine was completely rebuilt. Initially it worked but there was a remaining fault. The woodruff key slot for the flywheel was damaged by the previous owner and finally gave in. A new flywheel and drive shaft have been ordered and will replace the damaged ones, next week. Still, the engine looks a lot better than it did.

Today, a plywood flange was added to the centrifugal fan that was built for the project. The copper piping that was going to be used for venting air from the fan into the gasifier was quite narrow. Instead, some obtainium tinware will be riveted into a conduit between fan and gasifier. The plywood flange on the fan will help to join the fan to the conduit.

As soon as all of that is in place then the fan will be attached to the gasifier and we shall see if there are any holes in the system that will need plugging. Once air is entering the gasifier through the conduit and exiting only through the gas exhaust then a test firing with wood will be made. This should all be achieved by the end of the month.

After that it is a matter of filtering and cooling the wood gas afore connecting the gasifier to the engine. We have an alternator and all the necessary belts and pulleys to test the resulting generator.

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