No-Weld Gasifier Progress

A little more progress on the no-weld gasifier. The centrifugal fan has been put on top of the hopper. Originally it was going to force air through the side, into the  combustion (middle) chamber, but that would have required a stand to hold what is a very heavy fan.

On the table, to the right of the fan, you can see the variable mains supply that was built. This allows the speed of the fan to be altered for the correct amount of air throughput.
The fan was briefly switched on and surprisingly there was not much bleeding of air from unwarranted places. A draught was felt from the exit tube (top right of lower chamber). There are not that many holes in the grating so more will be made.

The fan will be bolted in place and some gasket material placed between it and the lid. A test firing is not too distant into the future.

A transition tube was added to the centrifugal fan, as can be seen in the image below.
As this is an experimental gasifier and not the final product then gaps will be filled with fire cement. The aim, with this gasifier, is to produce gas of whatever quality and then to take stock of the project so far.

The documentation for this project needs updating and will be carried out soon.

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