Suffolk Engine Rebuild

The engine has been stripped down and is in the process of being cleaned. There was a lot of coking to be removed. The piston head doesn't move from side to side so it looks as though the rings are not worn.

To the right, you see the air governor. The link between it and the throttle is missing so I need to fashion a replacement. The vane itself must have fallen off and was chewed up by the vanes of the flywheel so it will need to be patched up.

The exhaust muffler was completely rusted. I brushed off the surface rust with a rotary brass brush on a power drill. No sign of any clean metal so I painted the muffler with two coats Kurust. Now the muffler has a beautiful dark brown sheen and will be reused rather than buying a new one.

There is a lot more cleaning, painting and repair to be done afore the engine can have a trial run with petrol. After that it will be run on Butane then some thought on how to run it on wood gas.

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