A stationary engine for wood gasification

A quick update. I am no further with my "No-Weld Gasifier" project so you won't find a "Part 4" on this website.

However, I did get a non-functioning lawnmower on Freecycle last week with which to use for a future wood gas electricity generation project and it will use the No-Weld Gasifier.

The particular lawnmower I received is a Model 24A Suffolk Super Colt. It is powered by a Suffolk Foundry 75G14 iron block engine. Ideal for conversion to a stationary engine.

I guess I have no excuse but to continue with the No-Weld project.

The lawnmower, a Suffolk Super Colt.

The 75G14 engine underneath its cowling. Recoil starter on the left. Spark plug atop.

Engine removed, begging for some attention. The air vane governor fell off but was kept by the previous owner. There were no linkages from the governor to the throttle so I will need to make some. The spark plug is dead, new one in the post.

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