Simplified wood gas stove

Here is a slight variation on the MIDGE stove theme. The design is from a paper by The Biomass Energy Foundation entitled A Wood-Gas Stove for Developing Countries. The main difference between this stove and the MIDGE is this stove uses a stacked can system.

Combustion is carried out in a single walled can, unlike the MIDGE can-in-can method. Wood gas rises to the top of this can to another (upper can) suspended slightly above the lower combustion can.

Between the two cans there is a separation gap (by way of metal spacers between the two cans) where air from outside is sucked in and ignites in the upper can. Inside the upper can there is a third can, known as a 'wick', which holds the flame within the stove. The 'wick' is a can, suspended inside the upper can, with the lower end open and the upper end sealed.

A detailed description of this stove and its performance can be found in the paper A Wood-Gas Stove for Developing Countries.

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