FEMA simplified wood gas generator in action

This is a very well produced video of the FEMA simplified wood gas generator.


Offgrid said...

We had to use this at our office in Ottawa Canada one winter when the roof collapsed on the building that housed the boiler. It worked well for an office of about 50 people. We used it all winter.

babuga said...

love the idea of woodgas, looking for a design to use in aluminum/bronze smelting. Agua Das has a design called Dasifier, but just a drawing. are there any other designs out there for small backyard foundrys?

James said...

I was thinking of a gasifier for a foundry but I am not sure that a stove style gasifier would burn hot enough or long enough.

I suppose you could make an automotive style gasifier to create gas that would be directed to your foundry. Mix the gas with an air blower and get it up to temperature. In that way you have more control.

For now, I might just use a retort (see video below) to make charcoal. I would then use one of the many charcoal foundry designs and a blower to get the necessary heat.