Driving on wood gas

This is a rare Swedish video in English. Scandinavians are masters at the art of running cars on wood gas but their videos tend to be in their native language. All credit to the Vedbil team.

One thing to remember is that automotive gasification does not have to be as messy as the Vedbil car. This team is obviously having fun with engineering and have put aesthetics to one side for the moment. Driving a car on wood gas does not necessarily mean dirt and a car that looks like something out of Back to the Future.


IƱigo said...

I remember that wood gas was also used in Spain during WWII and the years after, due to lack of fuel. However, it was cumbersome (the gasifier was pulled in a big trolley after the vehicle)and the efficiency was not great either. Sadly, the information is fragmentary.
It's funny that outdated, vilified technology is comming back to give us a hand!

James said...

Not as efficient as petrol but a lot cheaper.

Even a horse and cart has many bills. Insurance in case the horse gets hit by a car. Vets bills to keep the horse running. Special food supplements.

Mules and donkeys are a lot cheaper to keep.