No-weld design revisions

For such a small gasifier, it has been decided to fuel it with charcoal rather than wood. This reduces the need for filtration as there are less unwanted tars and gases in a charcoal fired gasifier. However, a simple filter will still be constructed to remove the lower amounts of unwanted tars and gases.

In fact the filter will be the first part of the new gasifier to be built and will based on designs in the books "Convert Wood into Charcoal and Electricity" and "Producer Gas for Motor Vehicles".

After that a suitable radiator/cooler will be constructed and then both new components married to a no-weld version of the G3-I gasifier.

For now, some charcoal will be bought (or maybe obtained on Freecycle) to test the system. If it works then charcoal will be made by the retort method.

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