Indoor wood gas stove

After constructing a MIDGE stove, you may be tempted to use it indoors. However, that is not advisable as a MIDGE is a simple device and there are no guarantees that all noxious fumes will be combusted within the apparatus.

In the following photographs, we see a more professional installation from China that produces wood gas, in a more controlled manner, for indoor use on stoves. The stove is intended for remote farmers, unable to get bottled gas, to gasify their waste straw.
On the left, we see a downdraught gasifier, followed by a filtration cabinet with blower. Finally, on the right, there is a dual burner gas hob.

A detail drawing follows. Excuse the comedic machine translation by the manufacturer.
Constructing something similar for one's own use would not be difficult but all the usual precautions for using a gas oven should be taken.


Krzysztof Lis said...

I wanted to buy one, but getting one was not an option due to large (very large!) prices of air transport. If I wanted to get it sent on a ship, I would have to order at least three sets, so finally I didn't order none.

James said...

I am sure there are opportunities for someone in Europe or North America to produce something similar.

Of course, the production costs will be greater but hopefully the combined cost will be less than importing from China.