Power controller for centrifugal fan

I happened upon a very useful AC power controller on eBay. The Kemo M028N power control cost about £22, which is a lot cheaper than the equivalent variac. The device can handle anything up to 4000 watts at 240V or 2000 watts at 110V. However, a heat sink and fan will have to be employed for high power devices.

The photo above shows a quick test using a light bulb. The light is dimmed to its lowest possible level. Now, I need to rewire my centrifugal fan to handle AC again, after converting it to DC a few weeks ago. At last I have a controlable fan. No more excuses to avoid completing my downdraught gasifier.


Anonymous said...

These power controllers can be found at hydroponic/grow stores for just about as cheap. ($15 for a standard 15Amp controller)

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