Constructing a blower - continued

The blower has been completed.

First, the end of the drum holding the fans was trimmed and tabbed so that it could accept the other end of the blower enclosure.

A hole was drilled in the drum end so that the wires from the fan could be fed to the outside. The wires are visible just below the bolts holding the fan in place.

The bottom off another 20-litre drum was cut off. This end of the enclosure was measured to provide just enough clearance above the fan.

Two holes were drilled into this part of the enclouse. These holes take tank connectors and act as the gas inlet and outlet.

The two ends of the enclosure were pressed together and the blower tested. The aperture for the gas inlet is a little small. It will enlarged when the rest of the gasifier is built.

Constructing the blower has given rise to some ideas for its integration into the gasifier so they will now be investigated.

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